Monday, January 19, 2015

Days 19 and 20 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days: Experimentation

15-19 Wild - Acrylic on hardboard, 6x6 
I'm on a floral kick apparently!  Flowers aren't generally something I paint, however, I've been enjoying experimenting with my Golden open acrylics and some gel mediums and I feel that flowers are a subject matter that makes it easier for me to loosen up.

I really like orangey/red poppies - I only wish they lasted longer!  I don't have any poppies in our yard now and every year I say I want to plant some.  Maybe this will be the year.

After I finished my poppies, I wasn't done painting so I had prepared another panel earlier in the day and decided I needed to paint one more daisy painting.  Who knows - I love daisies so much that maybe my 'one more' will turn into my version of waterlilies.

15-20 Summer Shastas
Acrylic on hardboard, 6x6 
I have always loved floral paintings, but have never enjoyed painting flowers.  Mostly because I find it very hard to capture the delicacy and translucency of the petals.  I have been enjoying them this week though.  Maybe that's the answer:  loosen up and just enjoy the process - literally and figuratively.