Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Two Poodles and Cocktail Condiments

Needs a name!  4"x4" oil on textured gessobord
Today was crazy. I was on the phone for probably at least 6 hours and after being off for Jeff's birthday yesterday, I was behind when the day started, BEFORE all the calls.  

Tonight I did have time to complete a little painting that will be the first in a series of cocktail condiments.  I don't have a name for this one yet so if you have a good one, don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you! This one is 4"x4" oil on textured Ampersand gessobord. I'm not sure about the textured gessobord yet.  I'm also not sure if this one will go in the January exhibition or if it will go up for sale on Daily Paintworks.  Time will tell.

I realized yesterday I never talked about the reasoning behind the name for my new blog, Two Poodles and a Paintbrush.  We actually have three dogs and two cats, but Two Poodles, a Bichon, Two Cats and a Paintbrush just seemed like overkill.  Our boat is actually named after Stella Blue, our Bichon, so don't feel bad for her being left out.  Anyway, back to the two poodles.  What more does someone need other than their animals and a paintbrush?  Oh, and a husband.  That pretty much makes me happy, hence the name.  The two poodles we have are LARGE standard poodles named Franklin and Iko. Both are big goofballs and many times steal the show.  

Reminder:  I will be giving my painting Mystic River Sunset away on December 26th to one lucky individual.  You can enter by following my new blog between now and then.  You can either follow via Google+ or email.  

Here are some photos of the two poodles. I won't bore you with a photo of the paintbrush!
Iko, our Standard Parti-colored Poodle.
Those eyes pretty much get him whatever
he wants
Franklin, our red Standard Poodle.  He
is a total clown.

Both boys out on the Stella Blue last
Summer.  All the dogs, especially
Stella, love the boat.

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